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Model is Gesche
Make up and antlers by Elegy Ellem
Photo: Josefine Jönsson

Another happy client! :) be sure to book us at


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Whats it like being a cosplayer? is it hard making cosplays?
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This is pretty much it. This is how it feels.

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Me and KBV Photography & Cosplay in our Todd Snap Cosplays. Both Photographers. Both Cosplayers. Both Taking pics of each other.

Xen Photography

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Facebook Address Change

I was hoping to do this later but I needed to update my facebook photography page from my old name to my new one because I’m starting to send out information to Bronycon for my vending booth. If you want to find my page, please use the link above as the “xenrophotography” link will no longer work!

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A couple of pics from tumblr!

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I.M.U.A.B.Central Building, district 3, Bucharest

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Beauty of the Universe

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i saw people do this and thought to make my own

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